Talk to the angels

When thinking about business, thinking about business angels, - those that make your business idea go alive by chipping in those extra Euros, Dollars or Dinars -, is near.
However ideas thrive on the talks with people that share their experiences in business making, writing down what has been thought is one of those things,

Today I met with someone who reminded me of that technique, to write down stuff.

He told me that thoughts that I haven't written down on paper, sorted, and put into context are a waste of time. How true, and how wise to remind me just at this point, where most of my thinking just went into rehearsing those same thoughts.
It feels to me as if that this is the real business angel, not giving hard currency but the thought and the advice that makes my business run. We truly live in the information age, and this means to have the right information ready at the right point.

We have to rehearse, but not rehearse thoughts in our brains, but rehearse deeds and actions, rehearse body movements over and over again. Or as one of my teachers put it: "Make abnormal movement normal" this is only done through practice and rehearsal.
My friend today told me this, it is a reminder and something I did not realize at the same time, it is building trust. If you know what you are doing whatever you are doing and you show this confidence, you also get trusted, so do everything you want, but do it in the best possible way.

But why is this blog post in English and called talk to the angels?
Because there is an association that pops up from the grading scheme that I once read in England a few Years back, where the good grade is to talk to angels. Of course we are human beings and Muslims believe that we cannot have any more prophets, prophets being the ones that talk to the angels. The Conversation yesterday was about the general act of setting up an enterprise, or a project and how to keep people motivated and carry the motivation forward to the next generation, so that there are always people that keep the original idea alive and thriving.

An example was given as Zappos shoe company who pays their trainees a good amount of money if they do not apply to a job within the company, so that this will keep people out who have money as their first priority or use it for motivation. It is a good idea, if you can pay it, and it is worth doing, it is like giving something and gaining more, it is investing in the most valuable resource that a company has: Employees, or as the better German word, Mitarbeiter (Cooperator/Colleague/Contributor)

I also researched this subject back in 2001 when I found that the Cooperative as business model would be the ideal form, for motivating the workforce of a company. In another form, there is a clear restriction in the wage differences that people get paid for example that there should be no more that the 7-fold amount between the highest paid CEO and the lowest paid Employee (So if the cleaning personnel gets $2000 a month then the CEO can't get more that $14.000). Ein anderes Modell ist das Modell des bedingungslosen Grundeinkommens1, welches den Bürger von der Notwendigkeit zu Arbeiten um eine Versorgung zu haben entkoppeln soll und ihm genügend Geld zur Verfügung stellen soll um frei zu leben. Das christlich/jüdisch/islamische Modell tut ebenfalls das gleiche, im Glauben dass Gott jedes Lebewesen versorgt wird eine Freiheit erzeugt, die den Menschen von dem Zwang entkoppeln soll Arbeiten zu erledigen die sinnlos oder schlecht sind (Prostitution im weiteren Sinne).
Allerdings ist der Glaube niemandem aufzwingbar, das heißt dass man die innere Überzeugung zwar predigen kann, aber die Menschen nicht zwingen kann, diese Sicherheit zu einer Versorung durch Gott zu spüren.
Der Glaube führt hier beim falschen Verständniss zu Armutsverhältnissen,

Eine Kombination aus beidem wäre ideal, erstens ein bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen und zweitens eine starke Glaubensgrundlage, die zu einer moralischen Arbeitsweise führt.
Eine Entlohnung der geleisteten Arbeit im Sinne eines Mindestlohns ist nicht unbedingt vorteilhaft, eher führen eine negative Einkommenssteuer2 oder ein bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen3 zu einer sozialverträglichen Einkommensverteilung.

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