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Talk to the angels

When thinking about business, thinking about business angels, - those that make your business idea go alive by chipping in those extra Euros, Dollars or Dinars -, is near.
However ideas thrive on the talks with people that share their experiences in business making, writing down what has been thought is one of those things,

Today I met with someone who reminded me of that technique, to write down stuff.


This is just some technique for usage on drupal sites,
I often came across that I copied chunks with modules and files to different folders and then had to set the right permissions on the files and folders so I wrote a little script that only root can execute on my system. Or some special users that are security aware.

I start with the assumption that my parent folder is set to user-group that the whole site should be, so the group is one that apache / www-data is part of and the user is site-specific. inside the folder I execute the bash-script:


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